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Hey there! We are Bosphortrip, an international service for booking group and individual cruises in Turkey. On our website, we've gathered the most exciting boat tours and sea cruises around Turkey's most popular regions, which will help you discover the country beyond its sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts. It is in the waters of the Bosphorus, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea that the real Turkey is found — colorful, diverse, and perfect for falling in love with forever. It is that side of Turkey that we really would love to show you.

Group boat tours on the Bosphorus

The most typical cruises in Istanbul are a must-try experience for everyone who comes to the city. The best thing about this format is that everything is prepared and organized in advance. All that is left for you to do is choose a tour and then head out to experience and enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus.       

Yacht and boat rental in Istanbul

This is the most comfortable cruise format, with complete freedom of action. It allows you to choose the type of yacht from the offered variants and tailor the route and the program of the cruise to your liking. And most importantly, to fulfill any ideas of yours that all of the participants in the cruise would love and enjoy.   

Charter cruises on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas

A unique vacation option that has conquered the hearts of many travelers around the world. This format is suitable for those who dream of the sea and sailing, as well as those who do not mind having a week-long vacation in the middle of the Mediterranean or Aegean seas. It allows you to explore the most picturesque corners of Turkey, live on board a sailing yacht or a catamaran, and plunge into the wonderful world of yachting.

Within each section of our website, there are the best cruise options offered that will show you the unique sides of Turkey. Our team is always in touch and will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you organize the perfect adventure cruise. We hope to see you on board!