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Yacht and boat rental in Istanbul

Yacht and boat rental in Istanbul
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Yacht charter
Yacht charter
  • Individual cruises off the shores of the Bosphorus
  • There are over 30 models to choose from
  • Matching boats to the format of the trip or event
  • Maximum capacity up to 500 guests
  • Personalized itineraries on the Bosphorus, Black Sea and Sea of Marmara
  • Personal manager and cruise organization from scratch

All year long, Istanbul attracts visitors from all over the world. After all, it is one of those cities that people can explore every day and still find something new for themselves. You can stroll endlessly through the colorful streets and unique places, admire the monumental architectural sights, and discover the city through the local cuisine. One trip may not be enough to cover all of these activities. But we have a simple solution to combine all these activities into one format. 

An individual boat tour in Istanbul is a unique cruise option, where you are not just immersed in the atmosphere of the city but also get to share the experience only with your closest ones. Such cruises allow you to admire the views of the city in a more comfortable and personal format, to view the main sights from the water, and to have a real date with Istanbul without violation of your privacy. Furthermore, a private boat or yacht charter is also one of the perfect ways to celebrate any special event or occasion.

Fortunately, the industry of private boat tours in Istanbul is quite advanced, so it is rather easy to arrange a personalized tour of your dreams. In this section, we have collected the most unique and interesting and advanced boats and yachts options, suitable for different leisure formats and events. 


The most popular vessel option for private Istanbul cruises. With its modern, luxurious design, extensive technical sophistication, and comfortable layout, the yacht is perfect not only for a two-hour day cruise on the Bosphorus in a small company but also for a large-scale event on the open waters, accommodating up to 300 guests. Also, any of the Istanbul private yacht tours on the Bosphorus can be completed with additional services. For example, you could order a DJ for the entire evening, arrange a buffet in oriental style, or organize a transfer to the pier. 


A speedboat is perfect for sightseeing tours on the Bosphorus in a small company as well as for the arrangement of active leisure trips. For example, by renting a boat for a couple of hours, you can practice wakeboarding or have a morning fishing trip in the Black Sea or the Sea of Marmara.

How to rent your preferred option?

In order to book a yacht or boat for a cruise, all you have to do is submit your application form on our website. In this application, you can point out some of the essential features of the trip, share your preferences, and describe how you see your ideal cruise. Once the application is processed, a personal manager will contact you. The manager will discuss the price with you and offer the most suitable boat options for your cruise. Then you will also discuss and create the route for the cruise and, if required, a set of additional services. The manager will arrange the cruise from scratch and oversee every aspect of your voyage. 

The final price of an individual cruise on the Bosphorus can be determined only once the specific boat option is chosen. The price varies depending on the model of the boat or yacht, as well as on the duration of the cruise and the list of additional services, if they are required. 

We wish you a great cruising experience and fun memories from your Istanbul trip; we will always stay in touch — Bosphortrip team.